The Guelph Engineering Society  strives to support and enhance all aspects of engineering student life. In addition to facilitating extracurricular activities, EngSoc is committed to addressing academic concerns and facilitating academic growth.

This blog offers categorically organized resources for undergraduate engineering students at the University of Guelph. Check back frequently or subscribe to receive the latest news regarding updated resources, course tutorials and workshops offered throughout the semester.

Here is a rundown of what is featured on the permanent pages in the menu bar above:

CourseHacker Guides: Advice for 1st and 2nd year courses from upper years who have been there.

Links: Some helpful websites, from the SOE, UofG and otherwise that offer academic forms, advising or guidance.

Resources: This tab contains student prepared guides and notes (Documents), student recorded video tutorials (SOE Tutorials) and the best places to find video and instructional tutorials on the web (Online Resources and Tutorials).

Opportunities: A collection of resources to help you land a summer research position, live abroad for a semester, find your own co-op job or score a scholarship.

SOE History: An opportunity to learn about the formation of engineering at guelph, including the pranks. Please visit this page and complete a student experience survey to assist in the preservation of current SOE history.

Any comments, questions or concerns about the content of the site, or engineering academics in Guelph, can be sent to vpacademic@guelphengsoc.com.

Formal, anonymous or authored concerns can be submitted to the VP Academic upon completion of the EngSoc Academic Grievance Form.

Tutorial and resource subject material suggestions are always welcomed. As is old testing material, to be scanned for the exam bank!


** This page is maintained by the VP Academic of the University of Guelph Engineering Society, but the viewpoints expressed are not endorsed by the Engineering Society. This website is not a substitute for our amazing guidance counsellors, TAs or professors, and should be used complementary to the afore mentioned resources. Please contact the VP Academic with any concerns relating to this webpage. **


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